Zines are simple publications that are done in a very lo-fi way. A lot of the time, zines are also self published.

Anyone can make a zine, because anyone can have something they want to say, or share, or present. It could be a story, it could be pictures, a zine could be made up of just splotches of color.

At Through The Roof, we don’t intend to make the zine for you.

We want to help you make your own zine:

  • Motivate you to get started (sometimes just starting is the hardest)
  • Assisting your ideation (the idea remains as yours)
  • Keeping you to timelines (because we’ve all been super lazy before)
  • Encouraging you to sell (because you gotta eat sometime right?)

After some time, and with a few zines in hand, you could reorganize your artwork, and produce a zine to submit for zine fairs. You could even make a full publication with the right ideas and direction!

Our hope is to engage with other people as we make these zines. Sometimes, ideas in seclusion are not as good as ideas when buffered with other people. Respectfully as well, we will ensure that ideas shared between groups need to come to a clear agreement on what the IP of each creator will be.

If you would like to make a zine on your own, no one’s stopping you! Please by all means use this post as a motivation to get started.

If you’d like to join us in making a zine, please register below for the program that suits you best.

Through The Roof Collab Zine

A collab zine refers to a zine that is made with many contributions. It will take a bit of coordinating, and all artists and creatives will be acknowledged respectively.

Key Points:

The group of collaborators will be formed when 5-6 people have registered.

The group of collaborators will decide and agree upon:

  1. Theme of the zine
  2. Print quantity and cost
  3. Selling price and income split

The group will need to meet approximately 2-3 times in the space of 2 months. We will try to meet physically at best case, but if there are urgent meeting needs, we will meet online.

On Going Collab Zines

Check out our existing collab groups here!






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