2*A5 – Samantha Cheong

Samantha is one of the artists of the 2*A5 zine! She is a graphic designer who enjoys art that tells a story, encapsulating the realities of life. Check her out @mismatchedcrayon.

Where is she from?

Sam came from a design background — studying in NTU ADM, specialising in Visual Communications. She currently still does graphic design but also enjoys illustration and music-related work.

What does she enjoy doing for fun?

Sam is currently learning how to crochet stuffed animals because she loves them very much! But she also enjoys drawing, painting and writing songs on her piano or guitar. She also really loves cycling.

How did she get started?

Sam has always seen herself first as a musician — growing up, she dreamt of writing songs like her favourite singer, Taylor Swift. But she drew occasionally starting from a young age, be it for friends’ birthdays or to write cards of encouragement. It wasn’t until university that she started to take art more seriously and did it more often. Although Sam never saw herself as artistic in the beginning, she has begun to embrace her love for art and is now passionate about weaving both art and music together to create unique stories.

What kind of art does she like/do?

Sam loves colourful and whimsical types of art — she enjoys experimenting with shapes, colours and textures. She is particularly fond of illustrating nature sceneries as they remind her of storybooks she used to read as a child. But she also just enjoys any type of art that tells a good story and showcases the authenticity of being human.






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