Visiting: Open Fields

Open Fields is an event / co-working / hot desk space that has recently entered the arts scene as a new Marketplace for artists to sell their works. We got to sit down & talk with Paul, who’s currently managing the space, and learn about some of the behind-the-scenes processes that go into the creation of an Open Fields Marketplace.

The very exciting Paul, who talked with us!

Something interesting that Paul highlighted was how he would personally review all the artists that applied one by one, finding out more about their style and works before contacting them to be a part of the Marketplace. He emphasised that it wasn’t all about who had the biggest audience or might have the most traction, but really about having a distinct, unique, and individual point of view. I thought this was really cool because it meant that the Marketplace was open for anyone and everyone who wanted an opportunity to get started on their creative journey. Again, like all the other studios we’ve visited so far, there was a focus on community, not competition. 

They’ve just finished their Christmas Marketplace over the weekend past. Many different artists came by to showcase their work, and even live performances. The common response amongst both crowd and crafters, is that “Open Fields has really good vibes”. Follow them for the next year of Open Fields Marketplaces, and hopefully you’ll get to experience some good vibes for yourself too!







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