Play Group – Anna Tan

Anna, otherwise known as @cheesy_p0tat0 on IG, is a collaborator on the Play Group Zine! She is very bubbly when you get to know her, and she really experimented a ton for her part in the zine!

Where is she from?

Anna previously studied Communication Design and Design for Integrated Communications at Temasek Poly

What does she enjoy doing for fun?

In her free time, Anna likes to play the guitar, doodle, and journal. She also enjoys going to art events, playing Steam games, and collecting various forms of merchandise such as Genshin, illustration, art, etc.

How did she get started?

Anna’s sister first pursued her studies in design, which influenced her to give it a try as well! Her love for anime, drawings, and creative YouTubers also coerced her to give art a shot. This resulted in her buying lots of art, designs, and zines as well.

What kind of art does she do/like?

In the words of Anna herself: “Whatever I feel like drawing or doing.”






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