Play Group – Kim Wang

Kim is a fun-loving artist, whose creative expression definitely manifests in her work. Check out some of her works @egomame.

Where is she from?

Kim graduated from NAFA fine arts, majoring in drawing and printmaking, she was a registrar during their internship in STPI and took part in planning and installation works for SGart week 2023 and Genevieve Chua: grrrraaanularrrrrrr. Kim also got the chance to assist the outreach education team in conducting a silkscreen workshop at Cedar Primary School. Kim has recently made a collective in 2023 called ‘Beanzine’, a homegrown arts collective and platform consisting of young emerging artists to promote and celebrate the arts in Singapore.

What does she enjoy doing for fun?

Kim loves to collect cardboard boxes as an excuse to redecorate their room. If she can’t find any boxes, she likes to play animal crossing, disturbing their neighbours by redecorating their whole village

How did she get started?

Kim loves putting narratives in their works, especially through illustrations from a visual perspective. This made them realise that as an artist, she is also a storyteller, which is one of the reasons why she loves to make zines and prints.

What kind of art does she like/do?

Kim loves to incorporate their illustrations into printmaking, but the print method that she finds most fun to execute is silkscreen.






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