Play Group – Sabrina Yeo

Sabrina (@holdmetired) is always evolving in her artistic journey, continually learning and exploring new avenues.

Where is she from?

Sabrina is a former fine arts student from NAFA. She dabbles in various mediums such as oil painting, Chinese ink, and ceramics.

What does she enjoy doing for fun?

Sabrina delights in solo revisits to local museums and exhibitions, where she relishes the opportunity to immerse herself in thought, jotting down her reflections and taking in the ambience as she explores each space.

How did she get started?

When Sabrina was a kid, she used to doodle a lot. This combined with her love for watching anime fuelled her creative side and motivated her to pursue art.

What kind of art does she like/do?

Sabrina is passionate about printmaking, particularly enjoying the hands-on process of carving block prints and printing her designs by hand.






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