LIMINAL – Farhan

Farhan (@afhrna) is tall, buzzing with creative energy, and just a super cool dude. Read a little bit more about this awesome guy!

Where is he from?

Farhan is currently in his second year of studying communication design at Temasek Poly! Before this, he had no art background but had always been interested in creating. Taking photos is something that he has always actively done, even before he had his own phone. Because of this, he has trained his eye to critique his own work, determining when he has taken “shitty” pictures.

What does he enjoy doing for fun?

Farhan LOVES listening to music, and has recently gotten into collecting CDs. Movies are also something he has learnt to appreciate. He has a growing list of movies that he progresses through during his free time.

How did he get started?

Farhan used to make vlogs in primary school, where he layered songs that he liked over footage of outings with friends. He considers this to be his entry into creating things that he could share with others. During the pandemic, Farhan developed an interest in making posters because of the number of online assignments that he was doing. He found lots of tutorial videos online which helped to give him inspiration and fuel his interest in design.

What kind of art does he do/like?

Visual art is what Farhan is most familiar with but he has found interest in making sculptures through a passion project as well as something for school.






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