Rachel Victoria Joel

Our earliest form of the zine jam that started us talking about different plans. Made in Jan-Feb 2023, there are only a couple of these left in our collection of zines.

Simple black and white toner print on colored paper, A4 folded down to A6.

As a first attempt of a collab project, this was at least of the same format size (unlike our later ones). Each of the contributors shared a story that they were dealing with, or an imaginary form of something.

Rachel’s zine shared her story on the panic at a Yong Tau Foo shop. In Singapore, these shops at the food centres would have an array of ingredient selection, and you would need to choose about 5-6 types. Then you’d pass them to the chef, who would boil them in a soup, to cook them up a bit. The stress comes when there are other people in line who might be in a rush, and thus rushing your process of choosing food.

Victoria’s zine share simple tips of how not to raise pets. Victoria has a lot of birds as pets, and she finds herself in fluffy situations at times.

Joel’s zine has two sides. The first side is the MRT Olympics, an imaginary set of events that would happen in a Singaporean public train system. The back side is the competition between two types of foods in Singapore. There is usually quite a war on how food should be eaten, and this results in people getting very upset at times. So let’s have a little debate!