Through The Arts was developed as a response to the struggles a young creative faces in the arts. There are challenges in starting a creative endeavor, and sometimes the handles and help are only found through experience. TTR hopes for creatives to share their learning, with the hope of encouraging the next generation of creatives to break more creative boundaries.

Our Team:

Joel @trisected is managing most of Through The Roof. He does drawing and tells really bad dad jokes. Be forewarned!

Leanne @leanneistall helps to manage the social media. She doesn’t do art herself, but she loves the paint filling apps on iPad. A huge friend of the arts!

Clarice @cliveit helps with our community development. She helps to grow people and groups!

Hannah @hannybannies will be our Resident Visitor. You might see her visiting your booths/shops/spaces really soon!

friends helping each other to break through the roofs