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  • SG Artbook Library review

    SG Artbook Library review

    Art has always been considered to be seen in a gallery, and so its accessibility has been limited to being viewed and understood within the spaces on white walls. However, the problem with accessibility is dependence on art theory; one can analyze the meaning of each piece to no end. All art has meaning, often…

  • The Complete Parkett Collection review

    The Complete Parkett Collection review

    Divorcing art from the perception of pretentiousness is difficult; sophistication and intellect have long been associated with the medium. Likewise, they are considered by many amongst the general public, to be some of the key characteristics of art, deterring some from indulging in it. Nonetheless, art is a radical medium allowing creatives to express personal…

  • Big Big Small Small 2024

    Big Big Small Small 2024

    I’ve always heard different experiences of art, whether it’s a statement to the masses, or a political or religious to direct us in a certain train of thought. But big big small small is unique. A collective of 10 art therapists came together to create pieces resulting from their experiences as art therapists and their…