2*A5 – Christmas

Since our last zine, we had decided on seasonal zines, and more specifically zine packs. This gave us some ideas, especially towards the end of the year season. We wanted a Christmas pack that would give people a space to think about their own Christmas period, however that might look like.

As such, Dom and Sam produced very pretty Christmas cards that can be given out to friends and family. Clarice made gift seal stickers, thinking along the lines of “What is the imagery of Christmas?”. Joel made two poems and images, digging at what people think about during Christmas – both are stickers this time. Evangeline made an illustrative zine about Presence.

This time, we wrapped the zine to look like a Christmas present, with our little write up slotted in the front. Hope you guys enjoyed this one!

Total pieces produced: 50 only, 10pcs per artist