2*A5 – Pilot

Coming together for the first time, the group of us wanted to come together to try out creative ideas that were stewing in the back of our heads. Also, it was the first time working together on a shared zine. There were some things that we came to agree upon soon: that we would use A5 as our gauge size, and we would produce 2 pieces of A5, so that we would feel less stressed about the amount of work to produce.

As we made the work, we asked ourselves if we would be strict to only use 2 A5 pieces exactly, or would 1 A4 be alright, what about add ons, and the list went on. We came to the conclusion that we would be okay with some allowance on how much trimmings we would have, but at the minimum, we would use about 2 A5 pieces worth.

Clarice’s contributions were two prints of West Side Best Side, as she stands for the west side of Singapore. Dominique contributed her story about her creative muddles and finding the lights in the darkness of it. Evangeline contributed two illustrations on the pilot and what goes on in one’s mind. Joel contributed two A5 sticker images, holding a poem each. Samantha’s contribution was two prints, with a paragraph about the traveller in each of us.

We enjoyed the showcase of everyone’s work, so we packaged it into a clear pack, folded to show the write up on one side, and the collation of artwork on the other.

Total pieces produced: 50, 10pcs per artist.