creative programmes

Through The Roof hopes to create a creative community for creative growth. Creative programmes are our little way of getting things started.

The world is already full of creative programmes and books, and our question starts with “Why add another?” We hope to share existing practices, and to share inspirations and influences to harness our creative efforts together.

Collaborative projects allow creatives to share ideas, and to sharpen with alternative views and processes. Especially in an age of independent creators, sometimes we end up creating in a bubble. But being able to meet people from different backgrounds, styles, and experiences would enrich our arts and creative expressions. Collaboration also means that all are equal in the contribution, and there always needs to be discussion.

Coming in 2024, we will also be experimenting with creative trips, where we can visit a country to experience some of the life there, and to make a small product of it.

If you are keen to join or partner with us, please drop us a DM on Instagram!






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