Updates for late July

First of, thank you to everyone who’s been sharing, following, and joining us for the collab zine open call! We’re in the midst of organizing the back end of it, and the first meet up will be happening real soon!

It’s quite exciting seeing some of this take flight, but reading through some of the inspiration and thoughts, it’s really the community and why we started Through The Roof!

Second, there’s a small need to clarify what the collab zines entail.

  • The collab group itself will determine what the zine looks like. The organizers (Through The Roof and its mentors) will suggest ideas, but the actual finishing is based on what the group will do
  • There’s no baseline requirements, other than needing to produce the artwork yourself, in any visual form. Means to say that there’s no Adobe AI subscription needed, or iPad and Procreate.
  • Costs and other admin pointers will be advised by Through The Roof, but the collab group will work together on it.

These pointers will be what we’ll go through in the first meeting in a collab group. Some of these things are not covered in detail, because sometimes too many details would restrict the creative approaches we could have when making something fun. At the same time, there’s a need for some reality checks, so that’s the only time where us, the organizers, will step in to suggest. If the collab group is happy to run on its own, that’s the best situation we could ask for, and hopefully it inspires more collab groups in the time head.

Third point and last part of the update, we had planned for multiple collab zines. It won’t be a one time only thing, and we’re more than happy to see multiple zines take off! We’re also exploring making contacts with different groups, with the hope of getting more community building across. So if you’re having a bit of FOMO, don’t worry about it! We’re hoping to keep this up for quite some time 😉

Keep on making stuff!






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