How to Start your Art – Talk with Poly Parcel

The basis of why we wanted to start Through The Roof was because of the ambiguity of the creative process. It’s something we struggle with, and personally for me, design was an easier way out of it.

Design gave me problems to solve. They were usually related to communicating what a brand stands for. But for arts, the question starts with what I stand for. This question isn’t always easily answered, and the answers produced might change over time.

We’re all changing. As humans, that’s part of what we do. The message of who we are, and how we communicate our thoughts of who we are would also change over time. Some topics are more key at different times. Some themes might be emotional, or maybe dramatic and exaggerated.

But I think the worst part is after we’ve shared what we think, we come to a conclusion that no one really understands us. It’s a conclusion consistently assumed, mostly because our internal voice tells us the worst case situations at times.

And that’s where a community comes in.

A place where you won’t be lied to, but at the same time you would find truthful and helpful suggestions and directions for your art, for your self expression. It might not win awards, but awards might not be the point. Sometimes the point is just to be understood.

So why did I agree to a talk, and to pull two of my friends to share about how they started doing their creative journeys?

Because I think with what they would share, we would try to understand them, and that would encourage them. And at the same time, you would also hear that your own thoughts and assumptions might be similar. And you’d be able to have a community growing.

This is all written pre-talk, but I just thought it was good to share about why we did a talk so early on 🙂







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