Some reasons to get started Right Now!

The past week we’ve directed our attention the idea of starting your artwork as quickly as you can.

A lot of the times, we just take so long to make our ideas come to life. We might be waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect time, but sadly, the perfect time doesn’t come at all for some of us.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t do the work, but sometimes it’s not about making sure the conditions are perfect. Instead its about producing something in the first place. Hopefully our thoughts in the past week have been useful to your creative endeavors!

Occasionally, we might walk by an advertisement, or see an artwork, and it’s almost exactly how we sketched it in our heads. The only thing is that it’s not our work. Someone else did it first, and maybe they did it worse, or better than what you had in mind. But they did it first.

That’s one reason why publishing your artwork is key. Sometimes waiting and finessing for the perfect artwork means you missed out on the chance to publish it first. Jake Parker from @inktober made a very nice video on this years ago.

It’s something we hope to encourage you to do, whether with us, or just on your own. Make something today, and our target can be finished, not perfect.

Why wait for tomorrow?

Today’s the day when the idea hits, and you remember all that you need to do for it. It’s not the project that you’ve forgotten about and that you have the sketches for still, but its the one that you feel pasionate about. Do it today!

Today’s also the day you know that still exists. You have the ability to work on something today still. Tomorrow never comes, or maybe it does, but no one knows for sure how tomorrow will look like.

So make something today!

Have a great week ahead, and Happy National Day, to all our fellow Singaporeans!







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