2*A5 – Clarice Choy

Clarice is one of the collaborators on the 2*A5 Zine! She helps with community development and is also the WIFE4LIFE of Joel! You can find her online @cliveit

Where is she from?

Clarice opted out of Junior College after three months of painful lectures and decided to pursue a diploma in Visual Communication and Media Design at Singapore Polytechnic (SP) instead. After graduating from SP, she took a year to work in an Art Gallery and Studio as a Gallery Consultant, later enrolling into an Arts Management degree course in LASALLE. After graduation, she started work as an Art Centre Manager running programmes for migrant workers and senior citizens. Thereafter, Clarice moved on to work at Wesley Youth Centre, a drop-in centre reaching out to underprivileged youth and children. She continues to run art programmes together with other recreational activities, among other responsibilities.

What does she enjoy doing for fun?

Clarice enjoys playing apocalyptic/end-of-world resource management games! Her all-time favourite game is This War of Mine. Other games she enjoys are Prison Architect, Frost Punk, Civilisation and Stardew Valley. She also enjoys reading murder mystery novels, specifically by Keigo Higashino.

How did she get started?

Clarice’s interest in art grew when she was affirmed of her abilities to draw and make things presentable in school projects. She also actively performed on stage with dance and singing. These experiences, together with positive comments she received from people, affirmed that she had an inclination towards the arts.

Clarice used to get annoyed with ugly packaging designs when she walk around the supermarket. She thought to herself if they just adjusted this and that then it would look so much better! This motivated her to study design in SP. Now she realises that the ugly packaging is not so much the designer’s fault, but clients who refuse to take advice from designers.

What kind of art does she enjoy?

Because of Clarice’s design background, the things she creates are usually in response to a brief or a ‘Problem’. She almost never creates art for self-expression, although she would love to learn how to. She is currently working on a Zine called ‘WEST SIDE BEST SIDE’, which hopes to highlight all the hidden gems within the western region of Singapore!






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  1. cayen Avatar

    woah clarice sounds like a cool person! love this post!

  2. Potato Avatar

    💛✨ :’) love the post and a nice read for someone who’s otw to work haha! Super stoked to see the final designs of the Zines and to read more of the creatives and other post to come.

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