2*A5 – Evangeline Ong

Evangeline Ong is part of the 2*A5 team! She dreams a lot and also shares many funny puns. She updates the ongoing’s of her life at @eeelogical on instagram.

Where is she from

Evangeline studied Visual Communications in Temasek Polytechnic from 2013-2016 and did her BA (Hons) in Communication Design at The Glasgow School of Art Singapore from 2016-2018.

What does she enjoy doing for fun

She likes to draw, noodle around in GarageBand or Ableton, play video games especially from The Legend of Zelda or Mario franchise, and watch movies. New hobbies she’s exploring are playing the keyboard (the music kind) and falling off the skateboard :p!

How did she get started

Evan loves art and had wanted to be an artist as a kid. She still remembers the moment when she got interested in drawing—in Primary 1, her desk buddy drew really well and she was so amazed. “It inspired me, and from then, I was obsessed with drawing.”

However, her dreams got crushed many times either by her lack of faith in her abilities or by the doubt that she could do art for a living. That’s when she discovered design and thought it would be a viable option in terms of job prospects.

Design was great though, she genuinely enjoyed learning and doing it! She never saw it as a second-rated version of her dreams. She dreamed to be a designer instead but she got pretty jaded because of the pressure from the design industry.

Eventually Evan realised she wanted to be more free in her expression of creating. She needed a break from designing for others. So for the past 3 years she ventured into collage-making, electronic music, painting and digital illustration!

What kind of art does she like to do?

Evan thinks and feels a lot so she like to make things that help to process her thoughts and emotions. In her creative process, she would try to find that cathartic moment and express it visually or musically.






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