Inktober 2023

It’s come around to October again and there are a ton of drawing and art based activities for artists to join in. Currently, we’re running a Through The Roof Inktober Telegram Group – Click here if you’re keen to join in.

What is is about the month of October that makes it so ideal for artists to start an art project? Maybe it’s because the year is coming to an end, and we’re trying our best to produce a good batch of work that we’re proud of, that maybe we could give for Christmas to our friends and families.

Personally (Joel here), I’ve enjoyed looking forward to October Art challenges because of the ideal time. I think through my art styles and directions in February-March, and after that I’ll start producing a range of things. After that run, I usually feel a bit lost, and then I run into July. There’s some hope and inspiration waiting to be kindled then, and by the time September hits, I’m all ready for the October Challenges.

I’ve done at least three Inktobers, and this year is slightly easier on my mind. There were a ton of design inspirations through the year, and there were so many occasions to see and hear about amazing work from everyone. Quite intentionally, I hope to make a zine out of my inktober sketches from this year, with a story told through it too.

Maybe next year I’ll try Peachtober or Artistober, and that would be quite a fun set of challenges to go through too. For one, using color!

Inktober is a great time to just force yourself out of comfort zones, and to build disciplines of posting work that is so hard. Making perfect art is impossible, but with these art challenges, at least we’re making something!

The only bad art is the art not made!

Paraphrased from Seth Godin’s Blog. (

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