Visiting: Studio Yono

(The first in our new series!)

Hailing all the way from the Netherlands, Kaia started Studio Yono in 2019 with a dream to provide Singaporeans with more options for interior design. Her brand brings together various artists like TANCHEN, Marjolein Delhaas and Amabro – check out what’s new in store in this reel. We were lucky to have caught her at Aaah House where she shares the space with Ryan (@breado.boy) and Ella (@designerinsingapore). Talking to Kaia was such a fun experience as she shared with us little tidbits about her daily routine. For example, she cycles to work everyday – a habit she’s brought over with her from the Netherlands! 

We also got to glimpse some of her thoughts on the creative scene in Singapore: 

  1. There’s so much hidden creativity in Singapore. 

Kaia expressed how in recent years there are so many up and coming spaces and artists including Around Gallery, Shrub, and of course Studio Yono! She highlighted how different the Netherlands was, and how much more saturated the creative scene was. She saw this as an opportunity and we think Studio Yono is riding at the front of the art wave. Kaia also mentioned that she has lots of hopes for Singapore’s creative future because lots more people seem to be engaging with the arts. We talked about how the arts was definitely a more viable career path compared to before, and that this was the best time to be constructing spaces and avenues to encourage creative expression – which is exactly what we hope to do with Through The Roof. 

[On that note, something interesting she introduced us to was, an anonymous account dedicated to the dream that ‘Singapore will be the most creative city in the world’. They seem to be gearing up for something big, so keep an eye out on their Instagram]

  1. Let’s focus on community, not competition.

Rather than feeling the need to compete with other interior design or art brands, Kaia felt that every store had their own special style, and rather than competition, there was an opportunity for building the community. Her openness was something that really captivated us, especially in a country that subscribes so intensely to hustle culture. 

Aaah House, arranged by Studio Yono

We’re really grateful that Kaia was so willing to have a conversation with us and it was so interesting to get a different perspective on the arts in Singapore. And yes, we’re definitely excited to see where Studio Yono goes in the future! If you’d like to visit, their products are stocked at Aaah House (nested in Nana&Bird) and SOJAO. They’ll be at an Art Pop-Up from 11 November to 31 December, and you can also find them at an upcoming Boutique Fair happening from 17 to 19 November!

Walk through these doors to get to Aaah House and Studio Yono







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