Visiting: Anagram Coffee

Intro:The visiting series is taking a coffee turn! We’ll be visiting some local cafes specifically with coffee in mind, and this might also translate to some @trisected things later. But for now, let’s get started!

The visit to Anagram Coffee was long overdue. James Bird, who started Anagram, had invited me some time back, and now, after a good year of running, I’ve been able to visit.

What caught me off-guard was the size of the location. I’ve seen photos; other friends had visited and told me that it was a really beautiful place, and in my mind, I thought it would be somewhat bigger. But the cafe’s size is a lot smaller than what I had expected. But like what they always say, size does not matter, especially for Anagram Coffee.

While thinking about this cafe visiting series, a key portion to highlight was the cafe’s attention to detail for the whole experience. Anagram is really a beautifully crafted experience, where the attention to detail is quite insane. For example, every seating table is unique. Each marble stone slab has different colors and tones, and personally I really enjoyed seeing that. The cups are all based on you order, and when served on your table of choice, it’s a real visual treat.

This is just the table service, and when you start looking around, you see little hints of design finesse that is just so rad. The doors open with the “a” logo on the handle, the tables and chairs outside give a relaxed feel as you walk in (or out). It was an excellent treat to just sit here and chat, as we enjoyed our coffee.

The coffee was great; the house blend was tasty, and if you’re not sure what a tasty coffee is, you should definitely check it out. Cater some time just to sit and relax and enjoy a good coffee, in a beautiful space.

Anagram Coffee:

Open Daily – 8am to 6pm
01-13A Anchorpoint Shopping Centre,
370 Alexandra Road
Singapore 159953.

Do let us know if you have other cafes or spaces we could visit, that also has a certain attention to detail. We have some spaces lined up, but we will always be willing to check out recommendations. Hope you enjoyed this quick review!







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