Play Group – Grace Tan

Grace is an extremely hard worker! She puts a lot of time and effort into her drawings. Check her out @unfoldthecrane on IG. In the picture above, Grace is the one on the left! On the right is her sister Anna, who is also a collaborator on the Play Group Zine!

Where is she from?

Grace graduated from Republic Poly with a diploma in Design for Interactivity. She then completed her undergraduate studies in Design Communications at Lasalle.

What does she enjoy doing for fun?

Grace enjoys doodling and sketching in her sketchbook using a fountain pen. She mainly sketches still life and female subjects. Grace also enjoys collecting fountain pens and inks, and reading.

How did she get started?

When she was growing up, Grace had an innate desire to express herself through drawing — especially as a shy and introverted kid. She felt that drawing was one of her few ways to entertain herself. Grace feels that she inherited some creative genes from her father as he had an incredible sensibility towards colours.

In her earlier years, apart from drawing Grace also spent a lot of time reading picture books from the library and watching cartoons such as Hello Kitty, The Powerpuff Girls, Totally Spies and other Nickelodeon cartoons like Hey Arnold, Rugrats, and Rocket Power, which influenced her fondness for stylised/children book illustrations.

What kind of art does she like/do?

Grace is currently trying to navigate and find her illustration style and voice, but hopes to venture more into children’s book illustrations! Some of her illustration heroes that she looks up to are Rebecca Green, Tom Froese and FurryLittlePeach.






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