Play Group – Kim Emma

Kim Emma (@kiimemma) does a lot of very interesting and expressive art. Her work dives deep into what she feels, which comes out through her process.

Where is she from?

Kim Emma is currently working as an art therapist — a job that allows her to integrate visual and tactile media and psychotherapy! In her free time, she enjoys photography and illustrating.

What does she enjoy doing for fun?

She enjoys observing nature (grass, flowers, birds, etc.) and going on long walks amidst the greenery & flora.

How did she get started?

As a kid, Kim Emma would paint a lot and draw fictitious town plans in her diaries. She did not pay that much attention to the “creative process”, creating was just a natural part of being a kid, enjoying daydreaming. But that changed during the ‘Lomography’ hype back in 2011, which got her into the rabbit hole of funky colour grading and off-kilter, conceptual forms of expression.

What kind of art does she like/do?

Broadly speaking, Kim Emma enjoys art that facilitates authentic connection with oneself, with community and with God! Whereas from a more technical point of view, she has been sketching and painting more these days.






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