November Updates!

October’s over and now we’re straight into November! We’ve been cooking over here, and hopefully by December, we’ll be able to share with everyone about some of the work that we’ve been doing.

We are working on three collab zines at the moment, and hopefully by the middle or end of November, we can show some sneak peaks of the finished work. As always, purchasing the work will be directly from the artists, and we will link them here.

We’re also going around some studios and spaces to talk with the owners about their journey so far. We’ve done two of these visits, and we’ll be sharing them here and on IG too. It might become a zine of sorts in some time… 😉

Lastly, we’re really happy to have met many of you through this year! It has been an exciting first year, and I’m personally extremely grateful for all the interactions through this time. I’m also looking forward to what 2024 will bring. A bit of an early post to start reflecting, but I think December will come as quickly as October has passed.

See you all around soon!






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