TTR2: Play/Experiment

Casually termed the Play Group, this group ranged from different creative backgrounds. As we came together to discuss, the approach of “play” and “experimentation” were the directions we set ourselves for, and play we did!

Anna produced a set of drawings and paintings with watercolors that explored her favourite shapes and thoughts. Grace made illustrations of childhood toys and trinkets. Joel made linocut prints of gaming consoles from his childhood. Kimberly Kiong went through a full process of painting and playing with natural elements, like flowers and plants. Her piece also includes the pandan from her own home. Kim Wang made a very cute coloring book about a young punk (YP) fish. Sabrina played around with foam printing to present her thoughts on the Singaporean cityscape we live in currently.

As a start, we decided to package our collected works as if they were library cards, and scribbled on. This makes for a super unique pack, and every pack bought is slightly different!

Total produced: 30 pieces, 5pcs per artist.